Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun with fleece

Did you know that lush stuff was born last winter???.

It all happened through a combination of a few events.Basically for the past few years I have been a closet crafter ,dying to find more 'me' time to try new things. But work and children always came between me and my time to make stuff. But last winter 'the big flood' allowed me more 'me' time. The road in front of my shop was closed temporarily due to the flooding and work did not exactly pour in (excuse the pun).So all of a sudden I had loads of time on my hands. I bought a few rolls of fleece fabrics, made hats,scarves,sweatshirts and ponchos and hit the Christmas craft fairs. I enjoyed it so much and have been looking forward to doing it all again this year.
I had planned to start making earlier than now but time has really flown...anyway I made a great start on tuesday.Here are a few so far modelled by my beautiful daughter Cerys....a budding model.

Here's the plan I had for those cute flowers I crocheted.Thanks Emily for the know how and the button idea.
Great for keeping the ears cosy.

Such a natural model eh!

Grass needs cutting badly.......You know it's to long when it falls over!!

I love the colours.
I certainly have not forgotten the boys,don't worry....more to be revealed soon. Also need a willing model for them too,daughter 'will not model boys hats'...
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  1. I love your fleece hats! I like to use fleece to back baby quilts - it makes them so soft and cuddly. I need to try making some little hats for my granddaughter, though - yours are adorable!!!

  2. Love your hats Andrea! Lovely and colourful too!

  3. Awesome hats...I should make some. They are so cute

  4. Those are So cute! Love the colors!