Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purse making day

I made yet another attempt to travel to work today.I live 26kms away from my shop and this journey usually takes me about 30mins. For the last few days the same journey has taken a nail biting 1hr 10 mins ish in the snow. This morning I drove to my brothers house which is only next door to drop Kian and Cerys off for the day.I literally skated along the road but kept the car reasonably controlled.The fun began as I tried to get the car out the gate to go to work. It was as if there was an external force on the car. I could not drive the car over the snow and out the gate. I tried reversing and making a run for it only to turn 180 degrees and wedge the car between the kerbs in the drive. I gave up and went back inside.

Thankfully I will always find something to keep me busy.Hooering,washing,ironing and cleaning were left again in favour of sewing.

This is my favourite!

I love the spotty lining.

I am quite partial to this one too!!
I am planning (weather permitting) to have a table at the Ballinasloe Community Market tomorrow (sunday Dec5th).These little babies will be there for sale.I might find it hard to let go of them though...maybe I should keep one for myself??


  1. Beautiful, as always! Love the faabrics!

  2. Ooh! Love that spotty one too! :o) Hope the snow has melted enough for your to make it to your event. Be careful! Happy Sunday! :o)

    PS...I always favor sewing over housework. LOL!