Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Bondaweb Encounter!!

Today I fancied a nice quick instant gratification know the kind....not a lot of thinking involved and no arrgh moments when it doesn't go the way you had expected.
I had a metre of bondaweb stashed away crying out for a project.I remember a few years ago being asked to make an applique design on a quilt cover.It was quite a large design so I asked in the haberdashery shop(which will remain nameless!!) if there was any vilene type product to make applique easier.I was told there was not. Darn I thought,and proceded to stick all my pieces on the cover with the hemmit stuff for quickly hemming your trousers. Now,it worked,but the whole project was painful.It turned me off applique for quite a while.
Anyhow recently I had heard about this bondaweb product.You basically iron it to your fabric giving the fabric a little body ,then take off the backing paper and iron it to your fabric.BRILLIANT!!.....and it works....

I of course had to zig zag around....just in case...........
To stitch or not to stitch that is the question......will it stay stuck on through washing or you stitch???


  1. I LOVE Bondaweb!! It's great isn't it!? I usually sew around as well as I don't trust it enough just to leave it as it is. It is meant to stand up to washing etc but if it's items which will have a lot of use and a lot of washing it's better to be safe than sorry!

  2. The product we use here in the States is called Heat and Bond, and I love it - I use it to applique purses, tote bags, children's clothes - just about anything! I do usually stitch it down, either a fine close zigzag around the edge (not quite a satin stitch) or with straight stitching about an eighth of an inch inside the edge, to give t a raw edge look. I've used it for about 20 years, since my daughter was little, and never had any trouble with it coming up. Awesome stuff!!

  3. Personally, I wouldn't use bondaweb at all, I just stick with Pritt Stick, literally, just glue it on.

    (!!!!!!!!!!) (You can ban me. I can take it)

  4. The trouble with bondaweb is once I have some in the house I use it on everything! It stabailizes the fabric brilliantly so it doesn't fray. It will fray a little as it goes through the washing machine but it helps if it has been sewn.