Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Bias Binding Tutorial

I have been promising myself for ages to do this Bias binding tutorial. My good friend Adair had been shown this ingenious method by her sister and I was lucky enough to be shown by now it's my turn to pass it on.That's what I truely love about crafting.....if you know a little trick or a tip....isn't it just fantastic to let others know too.
I cut a rectangle 12inches by 21inches.

Fold back a piece and cut on the 45 degree line.

Cut at 45 degrees

Pin the Straight end of the triangle to the opposite side.Run down through the next pictures if this sounds confusing.Its'll see!!


And press open.

Now then....Pin the long ends together,keeping the end of one side 1.5inches down from the other end.(I want 1.5inch wide binding)

Sew and press open and this is what you should have.

Cut around and around....and around the tube...I cut by eye but you can mark if you like.

From my rectangle I got 4 yard of binding....Brilliant isn't it....


  1. Thanks, Andrea! I've never been able to quite wrap my head around the process of sewing continuous binding. I've always just made my cuts and then sewn the bits together. I'll try your way next time. Happy Monday! :o)

  2. Fantastic, that's such a brilliant idea, and you are so right- if you have a great process or trick that will help others, it's so great to pass it on- no-one will ever do something exactly like you, no matter how hard they try! I see the whole crafting community as a web of sharing information, and it's great you are adding super tutorials like this!

  3. Nice tutorial Andrea and v helpful.


  4. Hi Andrea, this is great! I was thinking about making another A-line skirt (finally) but was a bit worried about the waistline and bias binding. Thank you! Fiona