Monday, January 17, 2011

Lush Bling cushion tutorial!

Blog Hopping a few nights ago I came across Rachels fab blog Stitched In Colour .She is hosting a Bloggers Pillow Party. I could not resist joining in the fun.Pillows are My Thing.

My Spare bedroom could do with a bit of a jizz up so looking through my stash of fabrics I came across a piece of silk leftover from a dress I made myself for a wedding last year.And because I have arranged all my fabrics in colour (took ages)...right beside it was a beautiful piece of the most perfect co-ordinating silk.Yah!!!.....Bling,Bling bling I thought and grabbed a brooch from my bedroom and hey presto my 'lush Bling cushion was born.

Hope you like it!!!

Step by step tutorial to make this cushion.....simple when you follow the steps!

My cushion measures 16 inches square.I made it from two silk fabrics but you can use any type of fabric that co-ordinate with one another.
I love a bit of Bling!!!
All you need is:

For the front 1 piece 17x17inches

For the Back 2 pieces 17x12inches

For the front sash 1 piece 24x25inches

I pretty brooch

A 16 inch cushion filler...mine is feather Turn and stitch a double hem on the 2 25inch long sides of the sash piece
Turn and stitch a double hem on 1 long side of each of the back pieces.
Front Piece
Lay the sash piece diagonally on top of the front piece.
This is the fun piece.........Gather up the sash to the centre.
Close the brooch through all layers in a position you like.
Pin through the folds and trim the excess fabric.
Sew through the fold to keep them in position.
Lay one of the back pieces on top.
Lay the other to overlap.
Pin and sew around all four sides using a half inch seam allowance.
Serge the raw edges.


Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. really fab pillow - looks so classy!

  2. Brilliant Andrea, and NOT A SICK OF PRITT STICK IN SIGHT!!!

  3. Emily step away from the pritt stick...the white coated men are on their way!!!xx